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 OSAMA copia

Osama Mimi Farag  ( Egypt )


Osama Mimi Farag has the pure Egyptian tradition in his veins. He is Professional Dance Instructor of Egyptian folklore and Oriental dance styles. He started from very young age to dance, because of the Artistic family roots he has and after decides to turn this natural talent to his profession.
He start first to study the folklore styles of the great Mahmoud Reda for about 4 years. And after that he decides to change and moved to “Gawmeya troupe”, where he found the 2 most famous and different styles of folklore in Egypt.
During this period he became a professional dancer and starts his own career with performances at many places in Egypt, and especially at the tourist places like Sharm Elshikh, Hurgada, Taba, Luxor, Aswan and Cairo.
In 2003 & 2004 he won the first place at the International Folklore festival in Istanbul as the Best male Folkloric dancer. Some of the styles he does are: Raks Sharqi, Saidi, Nubian, Eskandrany & Mellaya leff, Fallahy, Bambouty & Semsemya, Shaabi, Ghawazy, Hagala, Dabka, Oriental Dance, Tanora dance.
In 2011 he moved to live in Prague (Czech Republic) where he found the new opportunities and experiences in Europe. He start teaching and giving permanently seminars around the world, in countries like Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Spain, Italy, Holland,China,Germany, Turkey, Hungary, Greece,Russia, Belarus and others. As well he is Official member teacher at the famous Nile Group Festival in Cairo, which is happening few times yearly.
“I'm so happy from the gift that God gives me - that I can make the people around me, to connect with me during my performances and thought my work, and that I can send my positive Energy to all of them.” – Osama Mimi

Here you can see some of his videos:

 Yael Zarca 6 copia

Yaèl         ( France)

Yaël is an international Oriental dance artist living in Paris/France. She has a very personal and refined style combining tradition and modernity. She is regularly invited to perform and teach abroad (Japan, USA, Canada, China, Europe…) due to her skills as a teacher and the high level of her artistic work. Yaël conveys her passion with generosity and enthusiasm. She focuses on listening carefully to the music and interpreting emotions, while displaying an impeccable technique and creating a wide variety of choreographies. She teaches all Egyptian styles, from a soft and introverted Tarab to an energetic and catchy Shaabi. For her, dance classes are more than teaching an original choreography. She also strives to make her students understand the culture behind Oriental dance, and to convey the ‘soul’ of this dance. She bases her teaching on the specificities of Oriental music as well as the meaning of the lyrics and their body interpretation.

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SVETARE                   (Switzerland)

Organizer of raqSSwiss festival

Svetare (Svetlana Regli) is Switzerland's most famous Bellydance artist. She is a university teacher of gymnastics and sport, international professional bellydancer, teacher,

judge, choreographer and organizer of international Oriental Dance festival RaqSSwiss.

Svetare iis director of one the largest Dance schools in Switzerland and the founder and artistic director ensemble "Svetare`s Group".


She has always studied by herself, making her own choreographies and creating her own spezial modern style.Svetare is a winner of famous  talent competition Ticino`s Got Talent Switzerland. As a member of Jillina`s Belly Dance Evolution Team Svetare has been involved in 2 previous productions of Bellydance Evolution Theatre Shows in Europe. She was dancing the leading role of “Cheshire Cat” in May 2015 in Bern, Switzerland.

She lives in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland and is originally from Russia. Svetare has own dance scool in 2 city. She regularly teach and performs in Switzerland and abroad. Svetare successfully completed levels 1 and 2 of the prestigious “Suhaila Salimpour School”, and enriched her professional career with learning from numerous internationally renowned instructors as Suhaila e Jamila Salimpour, Raqia Hassan, Dina, Randa Kamel, Tito Seif, Momo Cadous, Yousry Sharif, Hassan Afifi, Wael Mansour, Jillina, Sadie, Aziza.

 unnamed fejs

Aruena    (Serbia)


Aruena is oriental bellydance instructor, performer and choreographer from Belgrade (Serbia). Her first encounter with oriental dance was in 2005, and in 2008 she founded her own oriental dance school Aruena, which is one of the largest and best known oriental dance schools in Serbia and the region. It currently numbers over 120 members and more than 1000 students have gone through it from its founding until today. Aruena bellydance school is more and more successful each year and is constantly admitting new students throughout the year, with several assistant instructors working in the school. Aruena is also the founder, choreographer and artistic director of the bellydance troupe Oriental Muses, founded not long after Aruena oriental dance school, through which many talented bellydancers obtained the opportunity to distinguish themselves. Aruena oriental dance studio have their sections also in several cities in Serbia led by students of Aruena. 

 Aruena is also the organizer of numerous oriental dance evenings, concerts, gala shows, humanitarian events and bellydance workshops. Her biggest project so far is the Oriental Fairytales Festival, which began as a school concert, growing each year with new activities being added to the programme and more and more bellydancers participating. Oriental Fairytales Festival now is the biggest and most famous oriental dance festival in Serbia and region. Aruena is often invited as a gladly seen guest on Serbian televisions, fairs, celebrations and concerts of other oriental dance schools and on international festivals as well.

She is one of the most famous and most influential oriental dance instructors in Serbia, and her teaching skills are well recognized by other instructors throughout the country, which is why she is often invited to hold workshops as well as private lessons to other instructors, and lately she is more and more recognized by foreign teachers and international bellydancers by the uniqueness of her dancing style, her interpretation, energy, emotionality, and her perfect performance technique.


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